Liturgical program

Please see below the usual liturgical program for Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness. The Holy Liturgy is being worshipped in Romanian and English. Those who wish to confess, please contact Father Andrei.

The Divine Liturgy service will be held every Sunday from 10am and in most of the important days. The weekday services will be held either early in the morning or after 6pm in the evening.

The services will be distributed on Facebook.

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Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the Mastrick Parish decided that the Church Hall cannot be used. We will keep you updated when situation change.

In meantime, we are looking for other solutions such as renting another place or buying a property which can be used as church. Anyone who can help us in our efforts is welcomed.


The Holy Liturgy is usualy worshipped every Sunday from 10am and broadcasted online.
As per Scottish Guvernment guidelines, no physical participation would be allowed during the lockdown period.


The services will be held at Royal Northern Infirmary Chapel.
The next Liturgy will be announced.